Q:What length and diameter of curtain rods are available?

A:GCurtain extendable curtain rod set is offered in the diameter of 16/19mm & 25/28mm.
Rods are available in 4 lengths: 26”-48”, 44”-82”, 66”-120”, 120”-170

Q:How many brackets do I need?

A:For security safety and stability of rod set installation, certain quantity of brackets are required for different lengths of rod sets.
* To mount 26"- 48"L rod,includes 2pcs adjustable brackets.
* To mount 44"- 82"L rod, includes 2pcs adjustable brackets.
* To mount 66"- 120"L rod, includes 3pcs adjustable brackets.
* To mount 120"- 170"L rod, includes 4pcs adjustable brackets.

Q:How to do if I get question about the products?

A:Please contact us by e-mail. We will reply soon.

Q:Is free catalog available to be offered?

A:Please contact us by e-mail. We will reply soon.

Q:How the products are packed?

A:GCurtain products are packed by designed boxes which providing good protection during transporation. The packaging materials used also meets the request of eco-friendly.

Q:Is there any way else that I could learn about GCurtain products?

A:We will release product information of new designs every period on Facebook and Twitter. Please join us and share with us your valuable comments.

Q:All the products are on the site? How to buy products on the site?

A:Displayed on the website is mainly GCurtain developed product, where you can learn all products, there is the latest product launches, exhibitions, festivals and other goods ... of course most of the products you can buy through the Internet shopping mall (here).