Gold Classic is the Taiwan-based family members engaging in hardware manufacturing industry since 1986, maintaining the highest demand for superior quality services, provide professional research and development, designs, drawings according to customers requirements, have acquired numerous high opinions and also accumulated lots of experience in the production of architectural and curtain hardware.

Through years of experiences, our business principle is improving the aesthetics of home decoration and the art of living. In the year of 2009, we founded our own brand GCurtain; give warmth to cold furnishing hardware, blended with classic and aesthetic, investing a worthy collection of gentleness in home living.

We will continue our insistence on craftsmanship, using ingenuity and design embellishment, leading customers to experience the joy of living, to write down new title page for the window decoration esthetics.


GCurtain attempted to deliver not just a style but trust, Each product is precious as dedication to our loved family, We are convinced that, as long as diligently designing, life creativity can be released in any corners; everyone is appreciated and touched by what we want to convey.